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Migwéch to all Tribal households for the time spent completing the 2014 Tribal Census. We received a great response to the Census with a 62% return rate. Information from the responses are being compiled. Full reports will be released in the Spring 2015 but please keep checking back to view limited information and reporting on the Tribe’s socio-economic makeup.

Winners of the NHBP 2014 Tribal Census Early Bird Gift Cards

Virginia Anewishki
Virginia Antos
Amanda Beadle
Raymond Beebe
Joshua Bochenek
Elsie Bryant
Michael Capitano
Sydney Capitano
Adam Chingman
Jeffrey Chivis
Gary Collyer
Scott Daniels
Terri Dougherty
Patricia Favaloro
Melissa Foerster
Jessi Goldner
Robert Gordy
Amanda Hawkins
Michael Holliday
Gilbert Holliday III
Michael Hyde
Keith Inman
Brianna Johnson & Charmaine Mandoka
Michael Johnson
Earl Katschor
Howard Kline
James Kline
Rachel Ledesma
William Osborn
Denise Mandoka
Jamie Mandoka
Richard Matson
Robin Maxson
Michale Pelton
Ouida Pent
Amie Phillips
Bryant Phillips
Joyce Price
Andrea Rainer
Lyndsey Rogers
Tyson Sanders
James Shashaguay
Jamie Stuck (*Donated Gift Card to Veteran’s Committee)
Paula Stuck
Donald TenBrink
Rosemarie TePastte
Brenda Tobias
Travis Vorce
Duane Young


50 households that completed and returned the NHBP 2014 Tribal Census by the early bird deadline were drawn randomly.

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Frequently Asked Questions


I didn’t get my Census packet in the mail until after the early bird deadline of November 24th, am I still eligible for the early bird drawing?
 Yes, the original early bird deadline date has been changed from November 24th to December 9th.
Can I hand deliver my completed Census?
 The preferred option is for you to mail the envelope but completed Census booklets in the sealed envelope can be hand delivered to one of two locations: the front desk at the Government Center or front desk at the Grand Rapids Health Department.
I only received one Census packet at my house, shouldn’t I receive one for each person in my household?
 No, only 1 packet is mailed per household. All information about adults, minor children, and household information is to be completed in 1 booklet.
What if I have more adults or children than what is available in the Census booklet?
Contact Dan Green, Chief Planning Officer at dgreen@nhbpi.com or 616-514-3660 and he will provide you with additional pages to complete.
What if my child is not yet enrolled in the NHBP Tribe but is pending enrollment?
 Check ‘NHBP Member’ and make a note under the question that states, ‘pending enrollment’
How do I get a gift card that I was guaranteed if I completed the Census?
 Reserved gift cards in the amount of $30 to Walmart will be mailed to the addresses using the small envelope that was placed inside the envelope when the completed Census was returned.
I live outside the 7 County Service Area, do I still fill out the Census and if so, do I receive a gift card?
 Yes, the Census is being completed for all Tribal members and each household that completes the Census and returns it by the deadline date will received a gift card.
I didn’t receive a Census packet in the mail yet, who do I contact?
Contact Dan Green, Chief Planning Officer at dgreen@nhbpi.com or 616-514-3660.
I submitted my Census packet but I did not receive a gift card?
There are a few reasons why you may not have received a gift card:

(1.) it may be delayed in the mail

(2.) you did not include your small envelope with your returned Census

(3.) you did not complete your Census packet completely.

Why did I only receive 1 gift card when I submitted my Census packet by the early bird deadline?
Meeting the early bird deadline made you eligible for a second gift card. Your contact information was entered into the drawing along with all of the other households that submitted their Census by the early bird deadline. 50 households were winners of the second gift card.


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Due to the delay in US Postal mailing of the NHBP Tribal Census, we have extended the deadline dates for submission

Early Bird deadline date is  December 9th 

Regular deadline date is  December 30th 

For Assistance:

Contact: Dan Green

Chief Planning Officer

 Email: dgreen@nhbpi.com

Phone: 616.514.3660


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