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Smallmouth Season is Here!

This is the perfect time of year to be out bass fishing – and I mean more than throwing crankbaits or worms on the spinning rod. Smallmouth bass are elusive, beautiful fish that can be found in many rivers here in the state of Michigan. These rivers include the Grand, Flat, Huron, Thornapple, Shiawassee, Flint, and many others.  Not only can you fish the rivers, but also the Great Lakes. Lake Michigan, Huron, and Erie all offer quite a few pristine locations that many would relate to the saltwater flats of the Bahamas or Mexico. Streamers are the most effective way to catch a big smallmouth, however, dry fly fishing after dark can be very exciting as well.  A big crayfish, shad, sucker, leech, or sculpin immitation will pull in the lunkers. For dirty rivers, try streamers with bright craft fur and flash. For the big lake, dark red and brown work quite well.  Specific patterns such as Lefty’s Deceivers, Clouser Minnows, Marabou Muddlers, Wooly Buggers, and Zoo Cougars are favorites of many anglers.
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