Social Services

  1. What are Social Services?
    1. NHBP Social Services are designed to benefit the community by promoting social well-being and providing a safety net for the most vulnerable.
    2. Current specific Social Services areas include:
      1. Indian Child Welfare
      2. Guardianships
      3. Vulnerable Adults and Elders
      4. Juvenile Justice
      5. Domestic Violence
      6. Linking with community resources to meet identified needs
      7. Family Strengthening
      8. Youth Resilience


  1. Who is eligible for NHBP Social Services?
    1. NHBP enrolled members and their children
    2. In some cases immediate family members of NHBP enrolled members


  1. What does the NHBP Social Services Team do?
    1. Protect vulnerable adults, elders and children, while supporting families in need of assistance;
    2. Help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives;
    3. Educate & link people to local community resources;
    4. Assist people with managing crises;
    5. Coordinate available services;
    6. Advocate for needed services;
    7. Assist people to develop skills for improved life functioning

Northern Health Center

311 State Street S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


Southern Health Center

1474 Mno-Bmadzewn Way
Fulton, MI 49052