Hunting and Trapping Code

Hunting and Trapping Code
Posted for Public Comment

A. At Tribal Council’s September meeting, Resolution 09-15-16-20 was approved which amended the Hunting and Trapping Code adopted in 2009. The changes to that version of the code included:

  1. Transfer of permitting and enforcement authority under the Code from the Environmental Department to the Tribal Police Department,
  2. Amended the rules and regulations Tribal Hunters and Trappers followed from the 2009 Michigan Hunting and Trapping Digest to the Michigan Digest in effect for the current season.

B. Tribal Council is considering additional amendments to the Hunting and Trapping Code in keeping with the requests from Tribal Members and which would:

  1. Responsibly regulate the harvesting of wildlife and vegetation on the Tribe’s lands,
  2. Ensure that hunting and trapping is conducted safely for those persons hunting/trapping and to properly manage wildlife populations and vegetation growth,
  3. Protect and enforce traditional lifestyles and culture by protecting the Tribe’s natural resources including the forests and wildlife.

C. The following is a copy of the Hunting and Trapping Code as amended by Resolution 09-15-16-20 posted for public comment. Copies of this Public Notice may be found at www.nhbpi.com, and posted in the Government Center, Health Clinics and Community Center.

D. Comments must be received NO LATER THAN October 18, 2016. You may submit comments via email, mail or hand delivery to the Legal Department. Only written comments will be accepted. Please submit all comments to:

Email: rgriffin@nhbpi.com


Mail: ATTN: Legal Department,

1485 Mno-Bmadzewen Way,

Fulton, MI 49052


Hand Delivery: Rebecca Griffin at the Pine Creek Government Center Legal Department