Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

PC Health Center Expansion2

LEED Features:

  • Most sustainability features from original building design were preserved and/or enhanced.
  • The most sustainable aspect of the building was the decision to expand the building rather than relocate or rebuild.  The addition minimized site disturbance and utilized the existing campus infrastructure including roads, walks, parking, site lighting, and landscaping.
  • The new and modified HVAC systems are 10% more efficient than average new construction buildings.
  • All new and modified mechanical systems commissioned by third party to ensure optimum performance.
  • Multiple HVAC systems that provide additional zone control and energy savings.
  • Contracts to purchase Green Power from local utilities have been secured by the Tribe.  This includes energy produced through wind, solar, hydro, geothermal or biomass technologies.
  • Regional materials were specified to cut down on transportation pollution and energy use.
  • Materials with high recycled content specified.
  • 75% of all construction waste generated on site was recycled.
  • Low VOC emitting materials used for paints, adhesives, and flooring systems.
  • All offices have window views.
  • Natural daylight penetrates into 75% of all regularly occupied spaces.
  • Storm-water control system enhanced by connecting retention area to campus wide storm water collection system.

Learn more about United States Green Building Council and Green strategies that can be used in your home www.usgbc.org


Pine Creek Indian Reservation

1474 Mno-Bmadzewen Way

Fulton MI 49052


Expansion Size:

2700 sq ft