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The Tribal Council is considering adopting an Exclusion Code to implement the Tribal Government’s authority to exclude persons from the NHBP Reservation and other Tribally-owned lands/properties.

The Tribal Council has directed that the draft Exclusion Code be posted in all Tribal Government Buildings and on the NHBP Website to solicit public comments on the proposed draft.


The proposed law includes the following key provisions:

  • Authorizes the exclusion of any person (NHBP Members and Non-Members, including business entities) from all or a portion of the NHBP Reservation and/or other Tribal lands and properties.
  • Confirms the authority of the Tribal Court to order persons excluded from the NHBP Reservation or other Tribal Lands in connection with: (a) applications for personal protection orders; (b) conditions of bond or probation for persons convicted of criminal offense in the Tribal Courts, including offesnes under the newaly enacted Domestic Violence Code; and (c) as a part of the penalty imposed on persons convicted of criminal offenses, including domestic violence offenses, in the Tribal Courts.
  • Defines the grounds for which the Tribal Council may exclude persons from the NHBP Reservation and other Tribal lands and properties.
  • Defines the procedure by which requests to have a person excluded from the NHBP Reservation or other Tribal lands or properties are made, notice and hearing procedures, and appeal rights.
  • Authorizes the Tribal Court and/or Tribal Council to define the term and scope of any exclusion order. The Code includes provisions to ensure that persons eligible for health services at NHBP Facilities can access services without violating an exclusion order.
  • Authorizes civil and/or criminal penalties against persons violating the terms any exclusion order.
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Persons may submit any questions or comments

no later than April 30, 2016 to the NHBP Legal Department at:

1485 Mno-Bmadzewen Way

Fulton, MI 49052

via facsimile to 269-729-4829

or via e-mial:[/column] [/row]