Subject to Article VI of the Constitution the Tribal Council is vested with the sovereign powers of the NHBP (Band) and is responsible for promoting Bode’wadmi traditions and values in the laws governing the actions of the Band and in the Band’s relations with its citizens and other persons within the jurisdiction of the Band.  Such sovereign powers include the authority to adopt statutes or codes which are necessary and proper to carry out the sovereign powers of the Band and to promote the health, safety, education, and general welfare of the Band and its members.  The jurisdiction of the Band and the sovereign powers of the Band shall extend and be exercised to the fullest extent consistent with tribal self-determination to all of the Band’s territory and to all persons, including all activities and matters, within the Band’s territory. The territory of the Band shall encompass the Band’s historical land base known as the Pine Creek Potawatomi Reservation in Athens Township, all lands now held or acquired by the Band, and all lands held in trust by the United States in which rights have been reserved or never ceded by the Band in previous treaties, or as may be provided under federal law.

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We, the members of the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi Tribe of Michigan, in order to establish a recognized and approved tribal government to provide a means for the orderly transaction of community business, consistent with our Bode’wadmi traditions and cultural values, and as the free expression of the community will; to insure treaty rights and establish an affable relationship with the Federal Government vial the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other agencies; to promote the betterment of the socioeconomic welfare and best interests of our community, and to implement any corporate mechanism to achieve these goals, do establish and adopt the following Constitution for the government, protection, and common welfare of the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi.   [Amended and Restated  Constitution of the NHBP duly adopted and ratified on January 28, 2012, pursuant to an election authorized by Tribal Council Resolution No. 11-17-11-06.]

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