Tribal Code

Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi

Tribal Government

Tribal Code


The Constitution of the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi – Last Amended 2013

Title I – Government Operations

Chapter 01          Title I-01 Tribal Council ByLaws Amended February 16, 2012

Chapter 02          Title I-02 Government Records and Public Access to Government Records Code

Chapter 03          Title I-03 Utility Code

Chapter 04          Title I-04 Tribal Seal Use Code

Title II – Membership

Chapter 01          Title II-01 Enrollment Code 9.18.2014

Chapter 02          Title II-02 Bereavement Benefit Program

Title III – Elections

Chapter 01          Title III-01 Election Code

Title IV – Economic Development

Chapter 01          Title IV-01 Secured Transactions Ordinance

Chapter 02          Title IV-02 NHBP LLC Code

Title V – Employment                             

Chapter 01          Title V-01 Indian Preference in Employment Code Amended December 2010

Chapter 02          Title V-02 Fair Tribal Employment Practices Code

Chapter 03          Title V-03 Labor Relations Code

Chapter 04          Title V-04 Indian Preference in Contracting Code

Title VI – Environment

Chapter 01          Title VI-01 Hunting and Trapping Code

Chapter 02          Title VI-02 Sediment Control Ordinance

Chapter 03          Title VI-03 Solid Waste Disposal Ordinance

Chapter 04          Title VI-04 Forest Protection and Timber Harvesting Ordinance

Title VII – Family

Chapter 01          Title VII-01 Elderly Protection Code

Chapter 02          Title VII-02 Guardianship and Conservatorship Code

Chapter 03          Title VII-03 Juvenile Justice Code

Title VIII – Judiciary; Law and Order

Chapter 01          Title VIII-01 Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

Chapter 02          Title VIII-02 Implementing Procedures for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Orders

Chapter 03          Title VIII-03 Arbitration Ordinance

Chapter 04          Title VIII-04 Liquor Ordinance

Chapter 05          Title VIII-05 Amended and Restated Gaming Regulatory Act of 2010

Chapter 05-A      Title VIII-05A Amendment to the Gaming Regulatory Act of 2010

Chapter 06          Title VIII-06 Law and Order Code

Chapter 07          Title VIII-07 Sex Offender

Chapter 08          Title VIII-08 Criminal Procedure

Chapter 09          Title VIII-09 Civil Infractions Code

Chapter 09-A     Title VIII-09A Addendum 1 – Schedule of Civil Infraction Fines

Chapter 10          Title VIII-10 Motor Vehicle Code

Chapter 11           Title VIII-11 Police Department Code

Chapter 12          Title VIII-12 Animal Control Code

Chapter 13          Title VIII-13 Solicitors Code

Chapter 14          Title VIII-14 NHBP Fireworks Code

Chapter 15          Title VIII-15 No Commercial Tobacco Use Code

Chapter 16          Title VIII-16 Per Capita Payment Garnishment Code

Title IX – Land; Housing

Chapter 01          Title IX-01 Real Property Acquisition Code

Chapter 02          Title IX-02 BOCA and Health Codes

Chapter 03          Title IX-03 Lot Lease and Leasehold Mortgage Code

Chapter 04          Title IX-04 Rental Housing Code

Chapter 05          Title IX-05 Down Payment Assistance

Chapter 06          Title IX-06 Unsafe Building Code

Chapter 07          Title IX-07 Standards for Wells and On-Site Sewage Systems

Title X – Tax

Chapter 01          Title X-01 Tax Compliance Act

Chapter 02          Title X-02 Retail Sales and Food and Beverage Tax Code

Chapter 03          Title X-03 Sale of Tobacco Products Code

Chapter 04          Title X-04 Motor Fuels Sales Code

Chapter 05          Title X-05 Convention and Tourism Tax Code

Chapter 06          Title X-06 Lodging and Occupancy Use Tax Code

Title XI – Tribal Charter Instrumentalities

Chapter 01          Title XI-01 FDA Charter Amended 10.18.2012

Chapter 02          Waséyabek Development Company, LLC

Chapter 03         Title XI-03 BKEDÉ o MSHIKÉ General Store Charter