Court Fees

Schedule of Court Fees
Effective February 1, 2012

Civil Actions: Filing Fees:
Damage Claim<$1,000.00 $50.00
Damage Claim $1,000.00 or more $100.00
Filing of Foreign Judgments $50.00
Garnishment $25.00
Foreign Court Child Support Handling Fee $50.00
Subpoenas (cost per each one) $10.00
Dismissal of Actions for Lack of Progress $50.00
Restraining Order $50.00
Motion Fee $15.00
Small Claims Actions:Small Claims Actions: (Informal hearings on claims up to $3,000.00) Filing Fees
Filing Fee Damage Claim <$3,000.00 $25.00
Filing Fee Damage Claim $3,000.00 or more $50.00
Appeals: Filing Fees
Filing Fee to the Court of Appeals $100.00
Filing Fee for an Administrative Appeal $50.00
Motion Fee $30.00
Attorneys Fees
Admission to Practice $50.00
Marriage Ceremony Cost $50.00
Copy of a Court Document (i.e. opinions, judgments, orders, etc.) $1.00/page
Transcript Cost: The Court will charge $3.00/page
If you are unable to pay a filing fee, you may be eligible for a waiver of fees. Please contact the Court Administrator for waiver eligibility.