Court Rules

Pursuant to Administrative Order 08-001CJ referenced below, the Tribal Court has adopted the State of Michigan Court Rules for Practice, Procedure and Evidence until such time as the Tribal Court adopts its own Rules for Practice, Procedure and Evidence.


Chapter 1 Procedures for the Adoption of Court Rules
Adopted on February 25, 2008

Chapter 2 Court Rules of Judicial Conduct (Amended)
Adopted on August 20, 2008

Chapter 3 Court Rules of Ethics for Tribal Court Personnel (Amended)
Adopted on July 22, 2008

Chapter 4 Court Rules of Professional Conduct
Adopted on June 23, 2009

Chapter 5 Court Rules of Civil Procedure
Adopted on August 1, 2012

Chapter 6 Court Rules for Small Claims
Adopted on September 2, 2009

Chapter 7 Court Rules of Evidence
Adopted on July 29, 2009

Chapter 8 Court Rules for Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Actions, Warrants, and Subpoenas
Adopted on September 30, 2008

Chapter 9 Court Rules of Appellate Procedure
Adopted on November 11, 2010

Chapter 10 Court Rules for Restraining Orders
Amended April 14, 2014

Chapter 11 Court Rules of Jury Procedure (Amended)
Adopted January 5, 2012

Chapter 12 Court Rules of Criminal Procedure
Adopted on August 1, 2012

Chapter 14 Court Rules for Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings

Adopted August 18, 2014

Chapter 15 Court Rules for Domestic Violence Proceedings, including Table of ContentsC

Adopted June 9, 2016

Chapter 17 Court Rules for Contempt of Court Proceedings

Adopted Septmber 28, 2016

Chapter 19 Court Rules for Rental Housing Code for Judicial Eviction Proceedings

Adopted Septmber 22 2016