Tribal Prosecutor

The mission of the prosecutor is to seek justice on behalf of the People of the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi. The prosecutor represents the People of the NHBP Nation in Tribal Court when violations of the Criminal Code of the NHBP occur on Tribal Trust Land, and when violations of the Civil Infraction Code of the NHBP occur on Tribal Trust land.

If you believe a criminal matter has been committed on Tribal land please report it to the NHBP Tribal Police Department at 269-729-5222. Once the Tribal Police complete the investigation, the matter is referred to the Prosecutor to be reviewed to determine if criminal charges will be filed in the Tribal Court.

Other Services


Currently the Prosecutor also serves as the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Attorney and the Michigan Family Preservation Act (MIFPA) Attorney. The ICWA Attorney represents the interests of the NHBP in state court neglect/ abuse/ dependency proceedings when a petition alleging neglect or abuse is filed that involves a child who is enrolled or eligible to enroll in the NHBP. The ICWA also applies to guardianship proceedings in state court. The NHBP is a separate party in those proceedings and the ICWA Attorney appears on behalf of the NHBP to give input to the Court to make sure that Indian families are kept together whenever possible. The ICWA Attorney’s role is to insure that the Tribe’s rights are protected and Indian families are preserved. The ICWA Attorney appears in person at every hearing whenever possible. If it is not possible to appear in person, the ICWA Attorney will appear by telephone. The ICWA Attorney will appear incases beyond the borders of the State of Michigan in order to preserve the rights of the NHBP Nation and Indian families.

If you, or a family member or friend, have a case in state court that you believe should be treated with the protections of the ICWA or MIFPA and you are concerned that you do not think the NHBP has been notified, please call the Prosecutor’s Office so that it can be determined whether the case is an ICWA or MIFPA case.

Elder Protection

The Prosecutor also represents the Petitioner (the person who is requesting that the Court make a decision) in matters involving Elder Protection in Tribal Court. If you have a concern about an Elder that lives on Tribal Trust land and believe the Elder is in danger or the Elder’s needs are not being met, please contact NHBP Tribal Police or NHBP Behavioral Health. The Elder Protection Team will look into the matter and will meet with the Elder to offer services, or to determine if other steps need to be taken to protect the Elder.


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